Independent lawyers can thrive in a co-working space

grow your businessIf you’re a lawyer looking to make the break from a big law firm and start your own practice, one of the biggest obstacles you’ll face is finding an office that fits your needs and your budget. A home office may work for a while, but when you’re ready to start meeting with clients or to hire an administrative assistant, you’ll need to branch out. You can grow your business by co-working.

Co-working, or shared office space, is a growing trend for those who work solo or freelance. You rent a designated portion of a large office building, and share conference areas, office equipment, reception services and more. Many co-working spaces come with a kitchen to share, a parking area and, best of all, the ability to network with other professionals.

Focus and productivity

A big advantage to using a co-working space is the ability for to stay focused and productive. A co-working space allows you to be yourself: There is no need to put on a work persona to fit in. You don’t have to worry about office politics or gossip, because each individual there has his or her own business goals in mind. You have more control over your job, as well. You set your own hours based on your needs and not the needs of upper management.

Lower overhead

Aside from paying less in monthly rent, co-working spaces offer a more affordable way to operate your business. There are no overhead costs associated with co-working, such as phone lines, photocopiers and fax machines. Most co-working spaces include the utility payments in the rent amount, and some spaces offer shared fitness centers, administrative services and a variety of other work-related amenities.

Professional connections

Sharing a co-working space opens you up to a variety of new people and connections. You can trade tips and business advice or even collaborate on projects with your fellow co-workers. In some co-working spaces, you will work alongside people in various industries. In others, such as LawBank, your office mates will be in the same industry, which allows for an even deeper level of connection and collaboration.

If you are building an independent law practice in Denver, co-working may be the perfect outlet for you. Grow your business by co-working. Contact us today for more information.

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