LinkedIn for lawyers

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establish credibility as a solo lawyerUsing social media to establish credibility as a solo lawyer

LinkedIn, the professional social media network that’s been growing steadily for the past few years and now boasts more than 300 million users worldwide, has become a popular option for jobseekers and networkers alike. For business owners, such as solo lawyers, it can be an invaluable tool.

Building Relationships
The legal industry is dependent upon relationships. Referrals are an important tool for gaining new clients, and past clients will be happy to come back if their experience was satisfactory. LinkedIn, more than any other tool, allows lawyers to build and maintain these business relationship in the digital age. Connecting and interacting with clients leads to productive, long-term correspondence – a vital part of success.

Industry Updates
The basic functionality of LinkedIn revolves around your profile and the connections you establish. In addition, its groups provide opportunities for like-minded professionals to get together and discuss industry trends and updates. Joining these groups allows lawyers to be up-to-date on the legal industry, as well as to interact with others in the field.

Establishing Credibility
Interactions in LinkedIn groups and within your circle can pay off immensely over time. By staying active on the network, whether it be with regular status updates, group participation or utilizing the network’s blogging function, lawyers can build up significant credibility in their field. That credibility is absolutely crucial in the legal industry; clients want a lawyer who is well-informed about the context surrounding a case.

In short, LinkedIn is much more than just a tool for jobseekers. Its many functions allow you to significantly grow your credibility and business.


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