Streamline your practice with these essential law firm tools

The right technology and resources can help streamline your law practice. Below, we share our recommendations for essential law firm tools to use in 2020.

Modern law firms of all sizes will need to create efficiencies in their processes in order to deliver the best results to clients. The right tools can help you minimize distractions and save both time and money. They can also help you ensure secure communication, protect client privacy and give you an added layer of confidence as you deliver quality legal services.

Current Use of Legal Technology

The ABA conducted a survey last year about law firms’ adoption of tools and technology. That survey revealed a few informative nuggets:

  • 40 percent said the technology they use hasn’t been designed specifically for law firms
  • 35 percent confirm that clients want faster turnaround
  • 24 percent have clients demanding more transparency in the legal process

The ABA author, Dan Taccone, sums up:

“Based on the survey results and my own deep experience in the legal tech space, I can say with confidence that the ‘modern’ law firm is one that integrates people, processes, and data. Doing so fosters collaboration, fuels growth, and delivers client success.”

Most experts agree that it’s time for lawyers to embrace technology and to implement tools that, frankly, make life and business easier.


These LawBank partner companies top our list of recommendations:

My Watson

This Colorado company provides law firms with a number of services to address their non-billable processes. From billing and bookkeeping to paralegal and administrative support, My Watson helps simplify day-to-day business operations.

For start-up lawyers, My Watson can take some of the mystery out of launching a law practice with its consulting, marketing and IT services. For firms of all sizes, and in all stages of business development, it can take the stress out of operational processes and allow you to focus on your core business.

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U.S. Legal Support

With locations across the country, U.S. Legal Support offers legal services from court reporting to interpretation and translation. With four offices in Colorado, lawyers throughout the state can easily access the services they need.

The company also offers real-time trial support and document retrieval services that can make a big difference to attorneys at some of their most critical moments in court.

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Discovery Genie

We’re proud to work with the Denver-based company, which provides time-saving document production technology to lawyers. This tool can help you spend up to 90 percent less time and money on discovery and document production.

Discovery Genie offers clients a self-directed, automated option for discovery and document preparation. The system is affordable for firms of all sizes.

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Thomson Reuters

Another nationwide organization, with regional offices in New Mexico, Thomson Reuters provides lawyers with excellent legal research, ediscovery software and workflow solutions.

The company’s Westlaw Edge solution uses AI-powered technology to deliver efficient research results to lawyers

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The above organizations represent some of LawBank’s many connections in the legal community that make the practice of law easier on its members. To learn more about LawBank’s community of lawyers in Denver and unique real estate solutions, visit