How to avoid burning out as an independent lawyer

entrepreneurial burnoutIt is challenging to run a successful solo law firm. You don’t have any partners to help you when your case load gets to be too much. You have a choice to turn away business, but most entrepreneurs end up taking on too much workload. That leads to long hours and can result in independent lawyer burnout.

If burnout is starting to affect your professional and personal life, it’s time to re-evaluate how you are approaching your independent law business.

Define what makes you successful

Many lawyers are constantly striving to make more money, so they are always working. However, if personal time is important to you, factor that into your definition of success.

Take time to determine how much money you need or want to make to support your lifestyle. Set a number of hours that you want to work to allow for personal time. Then, follow through with it. Don’t feel like you have to work more. You already are successful.

Adjust client expectations

Many clients expect too much from their lawyers. They want to be able to get in contact with you at all hours of the day. Clearly communicate your office and phone hours with your clients and let them know that calls and e-mails outside those hours will be returned on the next business day. If everyone contacts you whenever they feel like it, you will always be working.

Collaborate and hire

If your independent law practice is growing and starting to attract more potential business, it might be time to seriously consider hiring staff. A paralegal or administrative assistant can help ease your workload burden.

Alternatively, you can reach out to fellow lawyers and collaborate on cases together. Here at LawBank, independent lawyers have a built-in network of peers in the legal field who are available for support and collaboration, which can help make the entrepreneurial journey that much easier.

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Managing a Solo Law Practice