A law firm brand will help you focus your practice and attract new business

Unlike other types of businesses, most law firms don’t invest a lot of time in creative naming strategies. You hang a shingle with your last name, and perhaps the name of your partners, followed by P.C. and call it a day. However, you can elevate your law firm brand in a number of other ways.

In fact, spending time creating a brand strategy will help you focus your law practice in a way that sets you up for success. A strong brand helps you identify target clients and helps those clients find you. It can also help set you apart from competitors in your practice area and within your market.

Brand big

A law firm brand should reflect not only the present, but your firm’s future. Do you have a vision and mission statement? If not, start there. Determining your growth path early, and revising it as needed, will help you shape your brand.

You have heard the advice to “dream big.” I say “brand big” in a similar vein. While you might operate as a solo practitioner for now, you can aspire to larger contracts and bigger goals.

As Uptime, Juris Page recommends:

“Do you dream of your firm becoming a top 100 law firm? Your branding should reflect that aspiration, because many brands are inherently aspirational. Your brand gives potential clients a flavor of who you are, and gives you the inspiration to get to your goals.”

Don’t stop at phrases like “we provide legal counsel to xyz type clients.” Show how your firm will make life easier for that client and what makes you the obvious choice over other firms.

Develop a Brand Experience

In any branding exercise, you need to place your client at the center of the discussion. What experience will that client have when they work with you or anyone at your firm? When they tell their friends and colleagues about you, what do you want them to say?

For small and medium law firms, this focus on client experience can give you an edge over larger competitors. If personal attention and hands-on client service play a big role in your approach, include that in your branding. Strong branding will help a client feel that commitment to service before she ever signs a contract with you.

Consider the Customer Journey

Clients will find you at various stages of their decision-making process, and you need different tools and approaches to meet them at these entry points. Your website will serve as a primary funnel for all clients, so make sure you have invested time and energy in creating a strong one.

The images and messages on your home page should represent your brand clearly. Move beyond facts and service menus: Create a powerful, active voice that draws a client’s attention immediately. Speak to the client’s deepest need immediately.

Need some examples? Lawyerist compiled a list of some of the best small law firm websites for 2020. All of these examples feature powerful images and concise, but direct, language.

Other places on your website, as well as social media and other channels, will give you an opportunity to dive deeper into your service offering and unique brand proposition.

Be Present

One of the best ways to convey your brand to a new client is face-to-face, and a professional office setting speaks volumes. A welcoming and polished conference room or office space communicates to a client that you take your work, and her case, seriously.

While it’s possible to conduct a law business virtually, operating in a well-appointed physical space can help elevate your brand and your business.

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