Cyber criminals target law firms

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How to minimize your firm’s risk

cyber criminals target law firmsBig firms have adequate resources to combat hacks from cyber criminals, but solo and small law firms don’t have the same workforce. Therefore, these law firms are more vulnerable to hackers. However, independent law firms can protect themselves from cyber attacks by following these steps:

Purchase or download the latest software

The reason new versions of software are available is to patch up holes discovered in previous versions. The previous versions make it easy for hackers to strike. Always update to the newest versions of productivity software, antivirus software, firewall, cloud software, e-mail accounts and wireless routers. If you can’t do it manually, download software to update everything for you.

Use security features on everything

Install the best antivirus software on all computers. Install secondary malware, spyware, root kit and anti-phishing software on all computers as well. Create strong passwords on the computer, wireless router and e-mail/cloud software. A strong password combines letters, numbers and symbols. For cloud software and e-mail accounts, ensure the software has security measures installed before uploading. Also, take advantage of privacy settings.

Stop sharing files

Sharing data between two or more computers is convenient, but hackers are using these files as an access point. Turn off sharing features, if you are dealing with private information. Also, don’t work on professional documents in public WiFi settings. Additionally, stop downloading sensitive data to flash drives and external hard drives. It creates an unnecessary predicament if those storage media devices wind up lost. Instead, backup files to a server or sandbox it.


Discuss the importance of information security with all staff memebers. Teach them the ways to stop hackers. Inform everyone to assume the law firm is under attack at all times and to treat every file with importance.

You deal with important, confidential information every day. Stay aware of the cyber criminal threat and keep an eye out for anything that is amiss. Most importantly, stay on top of technology updates and safeguards to protect your firm and your clients from hackers.

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