Working side-by-side allows coworking lawyers to collaborate and thrive

coworking lawyersMany lawyers don’t want to join a big law firm where they will just be another lawyer. Instead, they dream of running their own firms. As coworking lawyers in a shared office space, independent practitioners can save money and build a network.

Here are some benefits of co-working as a lawyer:


When you cowork with other lawyers, you also have their expertise at your side. If you have a case that you are not so sure about, you can always refer the client to another lawyer in your building. If you are pretty confident about the case but you just need a question (or two) answered, there are more lawyers down the hall!

You are not alone

For many, the hardest part of starting your own business spending days in isolation. Even though you won’t have to listen to your boss, you may not have grown enough to have any employees. Working by yourself all day long can be very quiet and sometimes uninspiring. In a coworking space, you can develop a sense of camaraderie.

Shared office space

A coworking space gives you the benefits of a fully equipped office without the overhead cost. By coworking, you share a waiting room, a few meeting rooms, a receptionist and more. You have these resources available to you without being on the hook to cover the whole bill for them.

Coworking can offer a great mix of creative, professional space and a built-in network of your peers. It can make launching a new law firm an achievable dream.

Contact us if you are interested in coworking. We offer two central locations in Denver with both private office space and coworking space.