Coworking for Lawyers: The Next Step in Modern, Collaborative Working Environments for Entrepreneurial Attorneys.

From the LawBank Video Channel, president and co-founder Rob Fogler discusses the LawBank concept:

“LawBank provides a modern co-working space for today’s entrepreneurial attorneys. LawBank is a co-working environment for attorneys. It’s a place where solo attorneys  and small practice law firms can come and have all the facilities they need to get their practices off the ground, but also where they can collaborate and share with each other.

“The concept came about when one of the other co-founders and I were talking about how the legal market is changing. Many lawyers—because of work-life balance and because of the realities of the marketplace and what they want form their legal careers—are leaving larger firms and starting new firms of their own. They need to be somewhere where they’re not isolated, where they don’t have to work out of their home or a Starbucks, where they can have all the facilities they need to present a professional front and have all the amenities they need to serve their clients, and yet not have to make a long-term commitment to sharing space with another firm.”

To see more of our continuing series on innovative office solutions for solo practices and small firms, visit the LawBank YouTube Channel.