The benefits of building an independent law practice among peers

collaborative work environment for lawyersEstablishing an independent law practice is a readily accessible option now for new and experienced lawyers alike. With co-working law office space, an independent lawyer or small firm can find the resources and support needed to establish a successful law practice without massive overhead costs.

Independence meets collaboration

A co-working law office space provides the amenities and support services a law firm needs to succeed, but the amount of collaboration is up to you. While some lawyers are coming from large firms, others maybe coming straight from law school. Either way, each independent practitioner can choose how much collaboration he or she wants within the co-working environment.

Access lawyers with different areas of focus

If a lawyer is looking for clients and actively marketing, then working in a collaborative environment with differing law practices provides a great opportunity. At times, other firms may not have the expertise or time for certain clients, so they can refer them to your practice. With more law professionals in your immediate network, there are more opportunities for referrals and collaboration.

Co-working benefits

With LawBank’s co-worker law office space, independent lawyers and small law firms can share in the benefits of: regularly scheduled social and networking events, discounted pricing to Denver Bar Association and Colorado Bar Association events and programs, and access to free and discounted continued learning. Every one of these opportunities are valuable networking resources meant to help you succeed.

Develop a network

By choosing to start your independent law practice in a co-working law office space, overhead costs will be affordable, your clients will have the plush environment they expect and great networking opportunities will be available.

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