Co-working creates opportunities for independent lawyers

co-working spaces for lawyersWhen we opened our doors several years ago, we saw an increasing need for alternative work space for lawyers. As the legal industry continues to shift away from traditional models, more lawyers are finding it easier, and more attractive, to launch independent law practices.

Technology has made it easier to manage case work, billing, client communication and more, but many independent lawyers also need professional office space for meetings and more opportunities to network and collaborate with other lawyers. That is where co-working spaces for lawyers come in. We provide the professional space, the built-in professional network and the amenities for much lower overhead.

Carolyn Elefant maintains the My Shingle website and blog, which covers independent law practice topics. She recently featured LawBank and other co-working spaces around the country, including Florida, Texas and Massachusetts. In the article, “Surge in CoWorking Options for Lawyers,” she writes:

“Not only do these spaces include amenities that are important to lawyers, such as private conference rooms and call rooms, but they also offer iCLE and other speaking events as part of the cost of rent. Indeed, they may eventually replace many of the benefits offered by bar associations.”

We are pleased to offer co-working options for lawyers at two locations in the Denver area. More lawyers need flexible office arrangements, and co-working offers a number of benefits beyond work space.

To read the full article, visit the My Shingle website here.

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