A co-working space can offer big advantages for lawyers – if you take steps to maximize the experience

You have taken the leap and launched your small business – for many of our readers, that means a solo law practice. You’re starting to get the hang of marketing your business, and you’re learning what it means to be everything from the CEO to the mail-room clerk. Perhaps you’ve also taken the next step and graduated from your cramped home office to a more professional office arrangement, such as a co-working space for lawyers.

Now what? How can you use your co-working arrangement to propel your business to the next level?

LawBank space

A co-working space gives you just that – space. It offers you a place to set up your laptop and to focus on your work. But it’s time to stop thinking of it as space only. The real benefit of a co-working arrangement is the other co-workers who office there.

Developing relationships with your co-working peers opens up the exchange of professional ideas and business management tips. These connections often lead to collaboration and referrals – something you’d never get while isolated in a home office.

So, don’t isolate yourself at the co-working space. If you rent a private office or cubicle, make sure to spend some time in the open co-working areas and coffee lounges. Strike up casual conversations and ask for advice or input. The more people get to know you, the more likely they are to collaborate with you and refer business to you.

Attend the sponsored events
Many co-working spaces, including LawBank, offer professional development classes and networking events. Not only do these events provide you with up-to-date information on running a business, they give you the opportunity to meet other business owners.

The people who attend these events might not keep the same co-working office hours as you, so this setting is the perfect opportunity to expand your network and meet a different mix of people. Seminar presenters themselves are another great source for new connections and ideas.

Host meetings in the space
In a home office environment, many meetings are conducted by conference calls, which can be impersonal. A co-working space with meeting rooms offers you the option of more face-time with clients and potential business partners.

A conference room adds an air of professionalism that you can’t get in a coffee shop, and meeting face-to-face can help deepen the level of trust and rapport between you and your clients.


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