Co-working for Lawyers: The Holy Grail of the Modern Legal Field

From the LawBank Video Channel, corporate transactional attorney Rehan Hasan discusses the benefits of working in a collaborative co-working space designed exclusively for lawyers:

“What I would say to another attorney who is considering a co-working space, or LawBank, is absolutely do it. Everyone has built-in misnomers that the only way to get any work done is to be within four walls. There is almost a fear that if I’m sitting out in an open space, I’m vulnerable. I would say to embrace that, and once you embrace that, all the wonders follow along.

“It’s really about being in a space where you can feel supported, and you can support other people, and you know can turn to someone who has already been there, done that. That is really, really powerful, especially when you are a solo practitioner or in a small firm …

“Building a law practice in the legal field is very difficult in and of itself. It’s not like most businesses. There are a lot of requirements, whether it’s licensing, ethical requirements, et cetera. Having other lawyers around is a huge benefit for that—in addition to creating great relationships and referral sources and networking opportunities where you work. In lots of ways, the holy grail for any attorney is to be marketing and networking while you are billing your work. I consider that to be the holy grail. That is what you are doing here

[at LawBank]. You are working away, and building relationships with colleagues who are sitting next to you and across from you.  Therefore, if an issue comes up, you can help. If a referral opportunity comes up, you are top of mind. If there is a matter that needs to be taken care of, you have already built a relationship to be able to assist with it.”

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