Choosing the right co-working space

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The right co-working space can make a difference to business success

So, you’ve outgrown your dining room table, you’re sick of setting up shop at the local chaotic coffee house or your current office lease is too expensive for your business’ budget. In any of those scenarios, it’s likely that you have considered a co-working space, but with several options available, how do you choose the right one for you? choosing the right co-working space

Here are five criteria to consider as you make the right choice for your business:

The co-working space you choose should be convenient for you, but also for your clients. A central location with easy access and ample parking makes it simpler for your clients to meet with you.

Do you thrive in an open environment that encourages discussion and collaboration between co-workers, or do you need a bit more privacy and quiet? Some co-working spaces offer primarily communal areas where members sit side-by-side. Others, such as LawBank, offer both communal co-working options or private cubicles, offices and suites depending on members’ needs.

The atmosphere may also include amenities like free coffee and a comfortable lounge area. It should include a conference room available for members’ use. Overall, though, the atmosphere should fit you and your work style, because that will support the success of your business.

As Amy Segreti writes for the Huffington Post, “While free coffee has its place, we must remember that co-working is vital in supporting people who choose healthy work they love.”

Some co-working offices only offer weekday access during peak business hours. If you need or prefer to work late in the evening or on the weekends, you need a space that allows for that.

LawBank is one co-working space that offers 24/7 access to its members, and a full-time receptionist is on duty to answer phone calls and greet clients for members during standard business hours.

Your potential co-workers
Co-working spaces are as individual as the entrepreneurs who use them. Some attract mostly creative professionals while others are open to all industries. In addition, the membership mix will dictate the overall ambience and culture of the space. Pay a visit to any co-working space before joining to get a feel for who your potential co-workers will be and if they are a good fit for you and your business.

“…every coworking space is very different with a different ‘vibe’ and placing your company in the wrong space could be disastrous,” writes Duncan Logan for LinkedIn.

As our name implies, LawBank caters exclusively to lawyers, which lends itself to collaboration among legal peers.

Professional development and networking
In addition to offering space and the technology and tools you need to run your business, many co-working companies also facilitate networking opportunities and offer professional development seminars to their members. Be sure to ask about how often and what type of events are offered through the space.

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