A Solo Attorneys Perspective: The Challenges of Solo Legal Practice

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Sarah Golombeck Discusses the Challenges of Solo Legal Practice and How LawBank Has Helped her

From the LawBank Video Channel: Attorney Sarah Golombeck, elder law attorney and LawBank client, discusses the challenges of solo legal practice and how LawBank helped her:

“Working independently does have challenges. I think at least at the forefront, you really need to be able to learn the business side of it. I/m very fortunate that I’ve been working in this area of practice for over 10 years, so I do have a nice group of individuals that I can turn to to ask questions. But at least at the beginning, it’s interesting to try to figure out how to set things up, what’s the best way of doing things, what bank do you use, where to find an office – and that’s where LawBank really fit in well for me.” See more videos about running a successful solo legal practice at the LawBank YouTube Channel.