The evolution of a law career

career moves for lawyersIn his book, Necessary Endings, Dr. Henry Cloud discusses the concept of normalizing the endings that are natural in all aspects of business and personal life. Recognizing a natural ending is perhaps the first and most critical step for lawyers who are considering making a mid-career move.

When a lawyer has been actively practicing for five years, 25 years, or even longer, he or she may not easily recognize that a current career phase has reached its end. Many lawyers stick with a big law firm or corporate position longer than they should, but some would be happier launching their own law practices.

So, what are the natural phases that prompt career moves for lawyers?

First, lawyers must accept that life and business go through regular cycles and seasons. Within the context of the law, an attorney might begin a law career by assessing his strengths and skills and then joining a firm that matches those skills. He then cycles into taking care of his clients and enjoying his career track at the firm.

After a time, however, many lawyers experience burnout, which requires either finding a way to regain motivation to continue with current work or to move on to something different. Your natural reaction may be to double down on your efforts in an attempt to renew the passion you once had for your work, but plodding forward with the status quo can leave many people completely spent, exhausted, depressed and even lonely.

At some point, you may have to accept that some problems have no solutions. For some, that might mean a move away from law practice to another field. For others, however, launching an independent law practice can bring a renewed sense of purpose and control over your law career.

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