Building your independent law business

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Work networking and marketing into your schedule

building your independent law businessIn order to have a fulfilling and successful career as an independent lawyer, you need to learn how to utilize develop relationships and build your business.

Use these tips to start building your independent law business:

Use free time to network

You will be working hard to get your business off the ground in the beginning, but you’ll also find yourself with some free time between cases. In fact, you might have more free time than you’d like, but use it to network with colleagues and other legal professionals. Attend local chamber of commerce events, join professional organizations and attend conferences.

You can also start a blog to promote your skills and knowledge online. Using your free time to get your name out can reward you with more clients and more cases.

Exercise patience

There’s no doubt that marketing a solo law practice takes a lot of time and effort. Staying patient and keeping your eye on the prize is the only way to ensure your hard work pays off.

Drawing in clients will take time. Commit a certain amount of time each week to update your blog or to post on social media. There’s no doubt the road to success is usually a bumpy one, so stay the course and focus on the end result.

Give back to your community

Spending some of your free time volunteering with local legal associations and nonprofit groups is a great way to market your firm. Volunteering allows you to meet a number of different people and provides an opportunity to discuss what you do and, in the long-term, earn referral business.

When volunteering, it is important to give your time where you feel a connection to the cause. Be there for the right reasons and the connections will naturally follow.

For more ideas on building an independent law practice, contact us today. Our flexible offices and co-working spaces in Denver allow you to work on your law business among a community of like-minded peers.

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