Attend conferences to build a law practice

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Networking and conferences can help you build a law practice

build a law practiceLaw conferences, and conferences in general, are a great place to build a law practice. They gives you a chance to enhance your skills and to connect with fellow lawyers and professionals. These new contacts have the potential to refer future clients to you, and some of them might become business collaborators and partners.

Here are a few tips for successfully navigating a conference:

Take care of yourself

Conferences tend to start early in the morning and go late into the night, with numerous programs and activities you don’t want to miss. It’s easy to start lapsing on sleep and to forgo your healthy diet for triple shot espressos while you try to propel your way through everything. However, your networking will be more effective if you use a targeted approach. Before the conference, identify key talks and networking events that will most help your career. Aim to get at least six hours of sleep a night, pack healthy snacks and plan to get at least two meals a day. Also be sure to stay hydrated and limit alcohol.

Meet people in unexpected places

Presentations at conferences are great, but they don’t usually involve much social or networking time. Spend at least as much time in the informal social gathering areas at the conference, and introduce yourself to others. Wear your best suit, bring business cards, and make sure to get contact information from those you meet. At presentations, ask thoughtful and discussion-provoking questions to get noticed.

Stay open and be helpful

Be willing to talk to and stay in touch with everyone you meet. You never know when someone might know of a great opportunity or the perfect contact. Even if someone doesn’t seem helpful now, you never know what might happen in the future. When you meet lawyers and legal professionals, offer to help them when you can. They’re more likely to return your help in the future if you’ve supported them.

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