The benefits of working as an independent lawyer

Two thousand hours. Two thousand billable hours. That is the goal most big law firms set for newly hired lawyers.

While it does not sound like much on paper, this figure does not include time spent on necessary administrative tasks, such as filing court paperwork, keeping one’s work space organized and speaking with supervising attorneys about performance. Other parts of the day are often filled with activities like networking and traveling to or from court.

In contrast, independent attorneys only need to meet hours they feel are necessary to best benefit their clients. They are not required to spend late nights in the office finding ways to meet their billable hour goals. Independent attorneys are also afforded time to fulfill other obligations and personal wishes, such as:

  • spending time with family
  • running errands
  • exercising and
  • making time for personal enrichment

Further, working for a large law firm can make a young lawyer lose sight of why he or she went into law in the first place. New lawyers at large firms are often asked to work for clients that don’t fit their personal values or desired practice area. Independent lawyers have more flexibility to choose clients whose views align with their own, as well as to take on work in their chosen practice area.

An independent practitioner also has more freedom to give the client the attention he or she deserves. Many businesses and individuals know that and hire independent lawyers because they want a more personal and customized experience with their lawyer.

Finally, many solo lawyers are able to enjoy seeing first hand the difference they make for their clients. They feel a sense of ownership for the outcome of each case. This relationship between the independent lawyer and client, along with less demand for billable hours, allows independent lawyers to provide more hands-on client service. In turn, those clients are often more likely to refer others because of their positive experience.

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