Benefits of co-working for solo lawyersco-working for solo lawyers

Co-working for lawyers means you don’t have to go it alone as you launch or grow your solo law practice.

Co-working spaces should be among your top choices for office space, and here’s why:

  • Shared Cost: When you co-work with other lawyers, you’re sharing expenses. Renting commercial office space can be expensive, but sharing that burden gives you less overhead and more money to put back into your practice.
  • Co-working spaces have many configurations: You can work in an environment where you have your own office or your own cubicle. You may share a conference room, but you aren’t responsible for all the bills.
  • Co-working spaces offer amenities: You may not need your own copy machine, scanner or even printer in a co-working environment. Many co-working environments already have these amenities available, in addition to mail service, conference rooms and receptionist services. These are features that would cost a lot if you weren’t sharing the space with others, and they help make your day-to-day operations simpler.
  • Co-working spaces help you focus: Working at home can be problematic for entrepreneurial lawyers. You likely don’t want your clients to see where you live, and it’s difficult to maintain focus when you’re working from home due to outside distractions. In a co-working space, the focus is on your business and you can be more effective at managing your time.
  • Co-working spaces can provide you opportunities to network and share community: A co-working space geared toward lawyers has the added bonus of helping you develop your network in the industry and get to know other people who share similar work histories. It can help you feel more engaged and involved in the community. You may get referrals from your co-working lawyers, and it’s a great way not to feel so alone with your practice.

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