Working alone doesn’t have to mean being isolated

avoiding isolationJust because you’ve chosen to run an independent law firm doesn’t mean you need to isolate yourself. While you don’t have the built-in network that comes with working for a large firm, there are some great tips available that will help you when you’re building a network as a solo lawyer.

Communicate With Lawyers in Your Community

There’s no reason not to act friendly with other lawyers just because you compete against them inside of the courtroom. Make an effort to be friendly when you run into them, whether in court or around town. These lawyers can become a great source of client referrals, either because they’re overloaded with their current cases or they don’t practice the same area of law as you do.

Go Online for Networking

With the Internet, it’s easier than ever before to connect with other lawyers. Join online communities and fill out your social media profiles once there.

Attend Industry Events

Go out of your way to attend industry events and conferences for your law practice area. Not only will you meet many great people, but you’ll also stay up-to-date on industry trends, changes and best practices.

Share Office Space

Move out of your home office and share office space with other lawyers. A shared office can ease that sense of isolation and encourage collaboration and referral sharing. A shared office and co-working space like LawBank brings lawyers in various practice areas together.

If you are launching or growing an independent law practice in Denver, contact us. We’re here to support you! Our shared office and co-working spaces in central Denver and Denver Uptown can help your practice thrive and grow.