Small law firm clients are attracted to personal service

small law firm clientsAs the owner of a small law firm, you get the opportunity to do the kind of law you want. You also set your own hours and choose your client base. Small law firm clients often choose boutique practices because they offer a unique niche and great client service. You can compete with bigger law firms, but you need to create a string brand presence.

Consider these methods:

Build a great website and blog

Your potential clients will want to see your online presence, and fortunately it’s easy to register a domain and website for a low annual fee. Along with information about your practice, a great website will have a regularly updated blog covering topics you address in your practice. A good blog will help you build SEO, which helps your website show up early in online search results.

Social media marketing

Maintain awareness of your work by creating free social media business pages on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All of these sites have social media tools for businesses that you can use at no cost. Use these platforms to post articles, photos and information that benefits your target client base. In addition, you can pay to target advertisements to the social media platform for as low as $5.

Networking and co-working with other solo lawyers

Going to networking events, or sharing office space with other lawyers, will not only help you connect socially, but potentially expand your client referral base. In addition, working alongside other independent lawyers or small law firms gives you the opportunity to seek advice and collaborate with others law business owners.

Offer excellent client service

The best way to grow a small law firm is through referrals. Many of those come from current happy clients. So, it is a great idea to make excellent client service and responsiveness a top priority.

To network and get to know other entrepreneurial lawyers, consider working in shared office environment. Contact us to learn more about co-working as a small law firm.