A simple approach to networking for lawyers

networking for lawyersNetworking is necessary to get ahead in your law business. However, most people get nervous when they hear that word, especially for those who are shy. With a little work, you can still get the contacts you need with these networking for lawyers tips:

  • Don’t forget to smile. Many times, people forget to smile at a networking event. If you smile, people are more likely to come up to talk to you.
  • When you want to join a conversation or introduce yourself, just ask a question. Questions are a great way to join a conversation or meet someone. It is one of the easiest ways to get included in a conversation. In addition, showing interest in the other person puts him or her more at ease.
  • Make sure that you listen. Most people go to a networking event to talk, so you should be the one who listens. You can learn a lot just by listening. Really pay attention and you might just find that you have something to offer the other person.
  • Don’t forget the follow-up. If you said that you were going to do something after the event, do it. Make the phone call or send the email. If you said that you were going to look for a book that might help someone, look. People need to realize that you are a person of your word.

Networking can be challenging for people who dislike small talk, but you can make great connections by taking the time to meet new people face-to-face. Lucky for you, most people want to talk, so you should just listen and learn!

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