Advantages of co-working for lawyers

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co-working for lawyersSolo lawyers can save money and build a network at a co-working space

Co-working for lawyers offers many advantages as you launch and grow your solo law practice, including:

Cost: The cost of renting office space in a commercial area is expensive for one person. A co-working option is much more affordable, and more money ends up in your pocket as a result. The building owner pays for the overhead (lights, water, phone, Internet, etc.) and your co-workers help share the cost through monthly lease fees.

Space: Co-working spaces come in the form of one room, a two-room combination, the whole floor or somewhere in the middle. Each space has its own combination of cubicles, closed-door offices, suites, open space and desks. These options make it easy to find the perfect space for your new law firm.

Amenities: Many co-working spaces offer copy machines, printers, fax machines, scanners, Internet, landline switchboard phones, desks, chairs, conference rooms, mail services and unlimited building access. Co-workers enjoy the break room with coffee, vending machines and microwaves. LawBank offers the added benefit of secured file storage, which is key for lawyers.

Focus: Working from home often creates distractions unrelated to the job. Sharing space with other motivated lawyers can help keep you focused on your legal work and growing your business.

Networking and community: Meeting valuable contacts is priceless, and a co-working space designed for lawyers allows you to collaborate, exchange referrals and benefit from a supportive network of your peers. The community you create at a co-working space offers you inspiration, support and a source for new business. The ability to draw on the legal and entrepreneurial experience of the co-workers around you can be invaluable as you grow your solo law practice.

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