A law firm Thanksgiving gratitude list

As we post this article, snow blankets our fair city of Denver and urges us inside. With up to a foot of snow in some areas, it’s a perfect day to write our Law Firm Thanksgiving post.

As independent lawyers in the modern age, we feel gratitude for:

Mobile and cloud technology

We can do our work anywhere, so we don’t need to drive on days like this one. Technology has also drastically improved our efficiency, client communication, discovery and privacy capabilities.


Lawyers have smarts to spare and many of them set big ideas into motion. First, a tip of the Thanksgiving hat to lawyer-turned-cranberry-grower Marcus Urann, who was the first to can cranberries in 1912.

Today, innovators like Chief Innovation Officer Wendy Butler Curtis are fostering big changes at American law firms. She has encouraged her firm to embrace professionals with project management and technology skill sets, in addition to hiring skilled attorneys.

We all have the ability to shape our personal work and our industry in similar ways.


Speaking of innovation, clients have sparked much of the positive change in the legal industry. From new billing models to requests for more technology, law clients have encouraged us to improve and grow. As a result, many lawyers have developed client relationships based on a deeper understanding of the individuals and organizations we serve.

Quite simply, we do better work thanks to the people who have asked for change.


A sense of community drives our work at LawBank. Denver’s brightest independent lawyers  convene in our shared office spaces to build their law firms. They collaborate, support each other and deliver top-notch legal services to the Denver market.

In addition, we have developed relationships with some of the leading midsize and large firms in our region. We support these firms with unique real estate solutions that help them maximize their office footprints.

Each connection we make reinforces that Denver enjoys a unique cohort of legal professionals committed to delivering top-notch legal services.


Work makes up a large portion of our lives. We feel incredible pride in the work we do, and we feel gratitude that we have found our professional niche.

We also give thanks that our work also allows us to pursue personal interests away from the office. While a perfect work-life balance might be a myth, many of us have found a much better sense of how work supports a whole life.

Thank you

To our members, we offer our sincerest thanks. You make us who we are, and we feel so fortunate to know each one of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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