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Lawyer health issues: Managing stress

2018-07-31T13:14:57+00:00December 7th, 2017|

Stress and depression are common lawyer health issues Studies have shown that lawyers tend to rank higher for rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other health concerns than other professions. These lawyer health issues can affect all attorneys, from associates in big law firms to independent practitioners. Managing stress can help you stay healthier [...]

Lawyer personal brand

2018-07-31T13:14:57+00:00November 16th, 2017|

In small law, a lawyer personal brand is key This week, Forbes released the results of a leadership survey it conducted among some of the country's top law firms. In it, contributor David. J. Parnell analyzed the importance of lawyer personal brand as it relates to big law firms. Big Law leaders avoiding the limelight [...]

Denver co-working boom

2018-07-31T13:14:58+00:00September 21st, 2017|

Professionals' desire for flexibility highlighted in Denver co-working boom Real estate experts are starting to take note of the Denver co-working boom, and insiders believe flexible work spaces are the way of the future. In the Denver/Boulder corridor, there are 57 co-working leases comprising 1.3 million square feet. That represents a 62.5 percent increase in [...]

Leaving Biglaw. Is it time?

2018-07-31T13:14:58+00:00September 7th, 2017|

Thinking of leaving Biglaw? Signs that you're ready. We work with a number of now-independent lawyers who spent years working for big law firms, but who eventually made the leap to solo practice. If you're thinking of leaving Biglaw mid-career, how do you know if the time is right?  The career story of a lawyer [...]

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