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LawBank shared office space in Denver, CO

Like many small firm owners, you’re likely pondering questions of business development and growth:

  • Where do I find the resources I need to grow my law firm?
  • How can I increase my visibility and presence in the region?
  • Is it time to lease office space to better serve clients in a professional environment?

LawBank has the answers. Since 2012, we’ve offered hundreds of independent attorneys and small firms a collaborative legal ecosystem to take their practices to the next level.

Where you practice matters. LawBank’s flexible office options allow you to work in a referral-rich environment while meeting clients in a highly professional setting that offers all the amenities of a big law office at a fraction of the cost.

LawBank is more than just an office space with a few CLE trainings (though we have those). As the oldest and largest attorney-only workspace in Colorado, LawBank offers a host of unique benefits:

  • A collaborative network of peers representing more than 90 legal practice areas
  • Well-developed attorney-to-attorney case referral system
  • Collective law firm marketing opportunities
  • Co-counsel opportunities
  • Contract attorney assistance
  • Practice-area-focused business development meet-ups
  • A collegial community with mentor-mentee relationships

In addition, each LawBank location gives you access to reception services, conference rooms, paralegal services and much more.

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