O’Brien Legal Services LLC

Proactive, Personalized Representation for Real Estate and Business Transactions and Disputes

O’Brien Legal assists individuals and businesses with real estate and business legal matters, including transactions, advice and disputes. Bradley J. O’Brien is the principal attorney. He has more than 10 years of legal experience and is licensed to practice law in Colorado. Mr. O’Brien formerly practiced at a large law firm, where he gained experience with large and complex matters. At O’Brien Legal, the objective is to provide that big-law expertise for clients and matters of all sizes while being more responsive and more affordable than big law firms.

A Trustworthy Legal Advisor to Navigate Complex Legal Issues

O’Brien Legal helps its clients navigate complex legal issues. Whether it is closing a deal or resolving a dispute, O’Brien Legal identifies the key facts and applicable law that matter the most to reaching the client’s objective. Experience from hundreds of transactions and disputes helps O’Brien Legal give its clients a fair and accurate assessment of the real-world facts and applicable law. O’Brien Legal identifies ways to mitigate risks and financial exposure and to reduce or avoid litigation costs. O’Brien Legal uses plain language and minimizes technical jargon in its analysis and recommendations and in drafting documents. This approach allows clients to spend less time on legal matters and more time on their business.

Real Estate Law, Business Law, Transactions and Litigation:

  • Real estate purchase, sale, financing and leasing
  • Draft and negotiate contracts and deeds
  • Prepare loan and security documents
  • Business entity formation, general business law and corporate transactions
  • Due diligence and title review
  • Land development and zoning
  • Attorney opinion letters
  • Breach-of-contract and debt collection
  • Land-related disputes: easements, encroachments, adverse possession, trespass, nuisance and quiet title
  • Other real estate disputes: foreclosure, mechanic’s liens, HOA liens and covenants, landlord/tenant (commercial), deed and title defects, and tenancy-in-common

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