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What lawyers need in a coworking space

Independent lawyers can boost productivity in a co-working space If you’re a lawyer fresh out of law school and wanting to make it on your own, or you’re breaking off from a big law firm to launch an independent law practice, there are so many... Read More »

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Independent law is easier now than ever

Starting your own law firm is an achievable dream While the big law firms can become grueling treadmills for young and aspiring lawyers, only a select lucky few will rise to the top to become wealthy equity partners. More lawyers are starting to practice independent law... Read More »

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A new kind of law firm

Independent practice offers lawyers flexibility and control Big law firms, where associates and partners are commonly required to bill in excess of 2,000 hours a year, are notorious for their failure to accommodate attorneys’ personal needs. Big Law attorneys wear their workaholic tendencies as a... Read More »

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Big law firm vs. solo practice

The benefits of working as an independent lawyer Two thousand hours. Two thousand billable hours. That is the goal most big law firms set for newly hired lawyers. While it does not sound like much on paper, this figure does not include time spent on necessary administrative tasks, such as... Read More »

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Life after big law: your own practice

Making a smooth transition to independent law practice There are lawyers everywhere who are satisfied with working for big, corporate law firms. With that being said, there are many others who would rather branch out and try to make it on their own. If you... Read More »

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Solo Law Practice: Ready to Hang Your Shingle?

Five tips for running a successful solo law practice So you’re ready to strike out on your own as a solo lawyer. Independence and work that fits your passion beckons, but uncertainty and questions about how to run a business loom. Where do you start?... Read More »

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