Troxel Fitch, LLC

With a degree in Accounting as well as a J.D., Nicholas Troxel has a dynamic skill-set that allows him to offer a unique perspective to business owners. Instead of simply drafting legal documents for you, Nicholas uses a holistic approach of legal and business counseling to help your business succeed.

Growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska, Nicholas Troxel learned from an early age that hard work, integrity, and a never-say-die attitude are the keys to living a successful life. These principles are key pillars to Nicholas’s practice with Troxel Fitch, LLC.

For much of his life, Nicholas had a singular focus: football. However, a string of injuries forced Nicholas to stop playing football after his freshman year of college, a moment he credits as a major turning point in his life. Nicholas was able to shift the drive and focus he had for athletics toward academics, and the rest is history.

Nicholas instantly fell in love with Colorado when he visited the University of Colorado Law School. From the moment he came over the hill leading into Boulder, he knew he had found his home. Throughout law school, Nicholas’s passion for entrepreneurship only grew. But as much as Nicholas loved working with entrepreneurs, he could never shake the feeling he had deep down: Nicholas Troxel is an entrepreneur. Therefore, he and his best friend Josh Fitch set out to make a law firm that was different than the rest. A law firm for entrepreneurs, built by entrepreneurs. A law firm that understands the struggles of entrepreneurship. A Denver law firm you can count on to help make your dreams a reality.