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Women in law: Family time

Independent law practice offers women in law sought-after flexibility Many women in law end up quitting when they become moms. Big law firms are notorious for long hours and demanding caseloads, and that can leave many women lawyers conflicted about work time vs. family time.... Read More »

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Co-working for women in law

Alternative office spaces offer women attorneys community, business development and flexibility Co-working is a growing trend in the United States with more than 50,000 Americans co-working in 800 spaces nationwide, according to CBS News. There are more than 3,000 co-working spaces around the globe. As... Read More »

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Women forging new paths in the legal field

From women-owned solo law practices to leadership positions, women are making an impact Two female attorneys, Jami Wintz McKeon and Therese Pritchard, made headlines this fall as they assumed leadership positions at big law firms. Their appointments were noteworthy because women account for less than... Read More »

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