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The innovative small law firm

The modern legal industry is perfect for an innovative small law firm Boutique law firms can pursue industry trends more easily than their larger counterparts, and modern legal clients appreciate an innovative small law firm. A small law firm’s structure means its partners don’t have... Read More »

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Opportunities for Small Law Firms

Many opportunities for small law firms in Denver As a new lawyer, you have a number of career paths available to you, including the prospect of launching your own practice. There are many opportunities for small law firms to build business. If you are a... Read More »

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Law Firm Mergers: Opportunity for Small Law Amid Big Law Shake-Ups

With increasing numbers of large law firm mergers, where do individual lawyers fit into the mix? A piece last week in the Wall Street Journal, “Big Law Mergers Fuel Skepticism,” caught our eye. In the wake of big law firm mergers and restructuring, many talented... Read More »

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