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Run a successful small law firm

A successful small law firm runs lean Working as an independent lawyer has many benefits, including better work-life balance and more control of your career. Too often, though, lawyers hesitate to start their own firms due to fear of the unknown. At the end of... Read More »

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Small law firm staffing

Small law firm staffing issues: Be a great boss Many small law firms operate as truly solo endeavors, but there may come a time when you need to hire staff to help. When you are ready to address small law firm staffing issues, strive to be... Read More »

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Your small law firm blog

Three elements to include in your small law firm blog Blogs help clients find attorneys, and a small law firm blog can help you stand out from the competition. A well-designed blog that draws in the reader is more memorable to potential clients than a static website... Read More »

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Your attitude matters when running a law business

Running a law business well means starting with the right foundation As you launch your own law firm, life can feel a bit uncertain. You are walking away from an established place with a full client roster. Plus, all business development, marketing and operations tasks now... Read More »

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How independent lawyers can compete

Make the most of available resources to grow your law business Each year, a fresh crop of newly sworn attorneys hit the market, discover they are competing with thousands more like themselves and opt to start their own firms. Many mid-career lawyers also choose to... Read More »

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Start-up Principles for Law Firms

Customer focus and simplicity among success factors for start-up businesses. Law school and, often, several years of working at a larger firm prepared you well for a career as a lawyer. You know your area of law, and you’re a good lawyer, but are you... Read More »

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Lawyers Seeking New Business Models

Increasingly, attorneys are leaving big firms for a more nimble business model “The old, stuffy type of firm is outdated.”—Claudine Homolash, as quoted in The Legal Intelligencer The article featuring Homolash, titled “Lawyers Leaving Firms in Search of New Business Models,” came across our desk... Read More »

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Overcoming Common Setbacks to a Successful Solo Law Practice

What it takes to move past the road blocks and launch your own law business. In our last post, we looked at five traits of successful entrepreneurial lawyers. Today, in a continuation of that idea, we look at some action items that can help you... Read More »

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