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How to market a small law firm using Yelp

Market a small law firm using the right social media tools If you’re using social media and a website to market your law practice, you’re doing great work. However, if you’re not also using the website Yelp as part of your online marketing arsenal, you’re missing out.... Read More »

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How to market an independent law practice

Use various methods to build awareness of your law practice and your brand A traditional view of the legal profession holds that lawyers are members of an elite class, well placed in society. As such, many believed that lawyers were not permitted the more crass... Read More »

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Standing out as a solo lawyer

As a solo law practice, you have some advantages over bigger law firms One of the most daunting aspects of launching a small business, such as your solo law practice, is the reality of competing with the larger businesses in your market and field. Those... Read More »

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