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Networking for the small law firm

Build your small law firm with the right connections Setting up a small law firm is a complex and rewarding endeavor, but your work doesn’t end after the launch. It is important to network in order to build your small law firm into a thriving... Read More »

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Building your independent law business

Work networking and marketing into your schedule In order to have a fulfilling and successful career as an independent lawyer, you need to learn how to utilize develop¬†relationships and build your business. Use these tips to start building your independent law business: Use free time... Read More »

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Build a referral network for your law practice

Independent lawyers must connect with others to build business You’ve decided to go out on your own in private practice as an independent lawyer. You have built a website, told your friends¬†about your new firm and bought business cards. Now all you need are clients... Read More »

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