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Finding Your Legal Network

A strong legal network can help grow your small law firm As an independent lawyer running your own small law firm, you likely feel a sense of freedom and autonomy. In fact, many lawyers hang their own shingles in search of that feeling, but the... Read More »

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LinkedIn for small law firms

Using LinkedIn for small law firms There are a number of ways for independent lawyers to build a network. Using LinkedIn for small law firms can be a great way to build business. A social network can be active without producing much value. Truly valuable... Read More »

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Small law firm social media

How small law firm social media fits into your law practice Marketing an independent law practice is an important aspect of client interaction. Social media is an easily accessible tool where you can interact with potential clients, exchange information and market your law business. When setting... Read More »

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Join a law firm or start your own?

Independent practice for new lawyers You have graduated from a law school and passed the state bar exam. Congratulations: You are a lawyer! So, where do you go from here? With so many applicants and competition for positions in law firms, it could be awhile... Read More »

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