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Knowing when to leap: career moves for lawyers

The evolution of a law career In his book, Necessary Endings, Dr. Henry Cloud discusses the concept of normalizing the endings that are natural in all aspects of business and personal life. Recognizing a natural ending is perhaps the first and most critical step for lawyers who are... Read More »

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Peer support for independent lawyers

Independent, but not alone An experienced lawyer at a large firm is accustomed to the benefits of a well-equipped office and professional network, and too many lawyers believe that becoming independent is a hassle. Although they feel cramped and uninspired with the restrictive structure of... Read More »

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Choosing the right co-working space

The right co-working space can make a difference to business success So, you’ve outgrown your dining room table, you’re sick of setting up shop at the local chaotic coffee house or your current office lease is too expensive for your business’ budget. In any of... Read More »

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