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4 Reasons Lawyers Should Consider Coworking

Lawyers should consider coworking for its growth opportunities Coworking is a great solution for busy lawyers. Get out of your isolated home office or noisy coffee shop and take advantage of these benefits of coworking for lawyers: 1. Lower overhead expenses Why should you pay... Read More »

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What lawyers need in a coworking space

Independent lawyers can boost productivity in a co-working space If you’re a lawyer fresh out of law school and wanting to make it on your own, or you’re breaking off from a big law firm to launch an independent law practice, there are so many... Read More »

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Peer support for independent lawyers

Independent, but not alone An experienced lawyer at a large firm is accustomed to the benefits of a well-equipped office and professional network, and too many lawyers believe that becoming independent is a hassle. Although they feel cramped and uninspired with the restrictive structure of... Read More »

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The advantages of co-working

Independent lawyers who co-work save money and build a network As an independent lawyer, leasing your own office space might not be in the budget for several years, but that can actually work to your advantage. Co-working, the practice of leasing space in a shared... Read More »

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