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Small law firm technology

You can compete in the modern marketplace with small law firm technology A common misconception about law firms is that smaller shops cannot compete with large firms. While that might have been true in the past, new technology is making it possible for small and... Read More »

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The innovative small law firm

The modern legal industry is perfect for an innovative small law firm Boutique law firms can pursue industry trends more easily than their larger counterparts, and modern legal clients appreciate an innovative small law firm. A small law firm’s structure means its partners don’t have... Read More »

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Three Tips for Finding Law Clients

For a small law firm to grow, finding law clients is paramount It can be hard to establish yourself as independent lawyer or small law firm. Finding law clients can be a lot of work, but the harder you work, the better off you will... Read More »

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How to market a small law firm using Yelp

Market a small law firm using the right social media tools If you’re using social media and a website to market your law practice, you’re doing great work. However, if you’re not also using the website Yelp as part of your online marketing arsenal, you’re missing out.... Read More »

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Attend conferences to build a law practice

Networking and conferences can help you build a law practice Law conferences, and conferences in general, are a great place to build a law practice. They gives you a chance to enhance your skills and to connect with fellow lawyers and professionals. These new contacts... Read More »

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Opportunities for Small Law Firms

Many opportunities for small law firms in Denver As a new lawyer, you have a number of career paths available to you, including the prospect of launching your own practice. There are many opportunities for small law firms to build business. If you are a... Read More »

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Networking for the small law firm

Build your small law firm with the right connections Setting up a small law firm is a complex and rewarding endeavor, but your work doesn’t end after the launch. It is important to network in order to build your small law firm into a thriving... Read More »

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